And So, The House Competitions Begin

The four houses again descend on their journey to competing for the House Cup with new leadership for the 2K15-16 school year.

Loud cheers filled the hall as each representative, brave as they were, stood in front of their respective houses. As is tradition, short speeches were spoken by each candidate. The voters knew that whom they voted for was not just their leader, but their representation. Their leaders-to-be would pave the path each house wanted to create towards success.

After quite a lot of deliberation, each house, noisily might I add, came to consensus on their own leaders. House captains have been chosen.

From Hanuman, Tee-Tee was given the privilege to bring them to hope of winning the cup. Hanuman seems to be leading in House points for the time being, with 145 points to date (October). Fern, as their vice-captain, too has great responsibility ahead of her.

From Erawan, Turbo was elected the prestigious position. His enthusiastic spirit won the hearts of the Erawan. They currently stand second in the points table, with 115 points. I wish luck to their vice-captain, Nonnie. May the force be with you.

Tosakan, back-to-back winners of the House Cup, and representing my personal biased house pride, chose Min Sue to represent them. His constant vigilance in strategic planning gave us hope that perhaps, we may prevail again. We currently stand third with 105 points. Our vice-captain, Pitcher, although a SC Rep, has a lot to help with.

Naga decided on Fran to take on leadership. His passion and zest won him his place. Naga currently stands at 100 points. Their vice-captain, Mint, is ready to take on her role and help out Fran in what is needed.

To test how far our reps were willing to go, we had to test them. Cue Dance Off.

©SCKIS 2K15 “House Captain Dance Off: Erawan vs Naga”

While Turbo’s killer moves were the crowd favorite, Min Sue managed to woo the judges with his skills. It must’ve been the KPOP in his veins!

We look forward to more entertaining competitions between houses, and may the best house win! 

©SCKIS 2K15 “Leadership”

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