U15 Girl’s Basketball: 28-21 Win On Home Turf

© Amir.Mimmi 2015
© Amir.Mimmi 2015

A great home win by the U15 Girl’s Basketball team against quite the worthy opponent.

A great game played by both sides had its highlights. The Wolves may have won, but the Seahawks had the last laugh with a three pointer scored just seconds before the game ended; talk about surprise attack. Props to Wells International for keeping the game interesting with the bombardment of long range shots. The strong defense and never quitting offense of the Wolves did result in their win. Each successful shot by the opposition was answered almost instantaneously with dynamic skill and definite stamina. 

U15 Girls Hard At
U15 Girls Hard At “Play” © Amir.Mimmi 2015

The Seahawks’ Nikhara was their main scorer, grabbing technically all 21 points for her team. Her three pointers were on point in the beginning of the game, but with her taking almost no breaks, her tiredness shone in the third quarter, slowing down the Seahawks, much to the advantage of the Wolves.

© Amir.Mimmi 2015
Nikhara #24 Seahawks Taking the Court © Amir.Mimmi 2015

Noticeably, Seahawks did much better on shots closer to the three point line than the hoop; our defense was quite strong on the inside. The Seahawks’ teamwork was quite commendable, and did challenge our home team.

Defense on Point © Amir.Mimmi 2015

The Wolves’ Kiara, albeit being smashed into by a couple of players on the opposition, managed to be one of the top scorers.

Kiara on the Run ©Amir.Mimmi 2015
Kiara on the Run ©Amir.Mimmi 2015

Another top scorer was Nana, with her scary good techniques.

 _ ©Amir.Mimmi 2015
Nana and her Skills ©Amir.Mimmi 2015

Yeewah proved to the crowds, definitely, that girl’s basketball is not timid. Her aggression to keep the ball had us in awe. All the girls played incredibly, with definitely the most spirit. 

Girls in Action ©Amir.Mimmi 2015
Girls in Action ©Amir.Mimmi 2015

As two more home games await the team, what will be in store? With all their training and obvious skill, wins are a feasible prediction. Keep that great working going, Wolves!

Here's a few of our players ©Querubin.Kiara 2015
Here’s a few of our players©Querubin.Kiara 2015

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