Senior Boys Basketball Season Thus Far.

We went off to another great start to the TISAC basketball season, and started off with a very heated home match against Concordian. Both sides fought quite vigorously for victory, scoring fouls here every now and then. Of course those lead up to a lot of free throws on both sides, even more chances to score some points. But at the end of the match the score 42-13 with a victory to us!

© Amir.Mimmi “Posers”

Onto the second match of the season, we had an away game at St.Andrews on Monday, the 28th of September. Although we weren’t given much details as to how the game went, the overall score ended with 43-29, and yet another victory to us! Both sides must’ve fought extensively to score such points, especially the KIS Wolves as it was an away game.

And the latest bit of news from yesterday, an away game against Bangkok Prep. 32-36, our first loss of the season. Apparently, we were quite behind during the half-time mark (around 10+ points), yet we managed to close in the gap to be just 4 points.


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