SmartWatches Around School?


As we all know, smartwatches have been setting the trend for the latest and greatest tech ever since they started coming out last year. I personally have been using the LG G Watch R since it came out, but lately we’ve been seeing a rise of another type of smartwatches; the Apple Watch.

Now, since I’m an avid user of Android, I personally can’t review the aspects of using an Apple Watch in daily life- but I know a few people who do. From the eyes of the not so tech-savvy average consumer, here’s how one user interacts with his:

“I use it to see the time…”
Of course, what watch wouldn’t come with the most basic feature of all. Time! And as with all smartwatches these days, these come with highly customizable watchfaces to personalize your device the way you want to.

“…aaand to see the Active Goal thing”
The Activity app is widely used by many people everyday, to track how much calories you burn, how much you’ve exercised, and it even shows you how long you’ve spent standing around rather than sitting at your computer all day.

“And shh… I go on Instagram”
Another key feature with the Apple Watch. As more and more applications develop for the Watch, the more integrated it becomes with those apps, allowing, in this case, the ability to scroll through your Instagram feed on the wrist of your hand.

“I also use it to see my notifications”
Something akin to all smartwatches is the ability to push notifications onto your wrist. Different watches allow for different ways for you to interact with these notifications, but it’s quite handy to have those at a glance (coming from someone who has had notifications on their wrist for almost a year now).


Here’s also some input from the more tech-savvy Ajew:
(I’ve bolded the most interesting features, and features that helps out with using an Apple Watch around school)

“It works the same way as an iPhone, but it’s a whole new kind of experience. It has some new amazing interaction and technology. It’s very easy to use. Since it’s right here on my wrist, it’s ideal for brief interactions. It lets me quickly do things I used to do on my phone but in a more convenient way.

“To activate the watch, I dont even have to touch it, just raise my wrist to activate it and lower my wrist to turn it off. I can customize the design, as well as add additional pieces of useful information like the weather, calendar and reminder. I could access other types of information from my watch with two simple gestures- swiping up and swiping down. Swiping up lets me see ‘glances’, which are content I check most often- like the Managebac calendar and CNN News.

“In the morning I don’t have to struggle to open my computer, and I could simply swipe up to check any assignments. It really helps me with submitting work on time. I don’t have to look through CNN to read some interesting news as well, since the watch brings up the best news of the day.

“And if I didn’t know something, I can say ‘Hey Siri’ to help me know how the watch functions. I can use it for simple commands as well, like saying ‘Hey Siri, remind me to bring PE uniform tomorrow at 6:20AM’, or to call someone, or do anything I want with voiceover- opening apps or music.”

As we can see, all these gadgets tend to make life just a little simpler in our day to day use of them. Be it easier access to information or recording of various activities, these wearable technology is the direction the technology market is heading towards at the moment. What are your ‘feels’ to these wearable tech? Do you think you’ll buy one someday? If so, which one? Comment down below!


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