SC Update: Week of November 18

As promised, here is an update on what Student Council has been up to:

  1. “Tell Us Anything” Challenge on LINE: Who doesn’t like LINE? This week’s social media challenge is a bit different than usual. Instead of posting your pictures on Instagram, you have to send a message to the SCKIS LINE account (@alpo131c) telling us absolutely ANYTHING! It can be a suggestion about what you want us to do. Please don’t forget to include what house you’re in. Poster
  2. Dodgeball Competition: The dodgeball competition will be happening everyday after school (except Thursday) next week. Talk to your house captains if you are interested in participating.
  3. Casual Friday: This Friday is going to be a Casual Friday, the theme being “Spirit Animal”. All proceeds will go to the Soi Dog Foundation.
  4. Reminder about cubbies: Please leave your bags in your next class before break and lunch times (after P3 and P5).12187968_903842223041983_7030507750200582257_o

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