MORP 2015: Freeze the Moment

Last week, G11 (KIS CO’17) ended November with games, music, dance and a winter atmosphere with MORP 2015: Freeze the Moment.

This year’s MORP featured a photo booth, a bakery, glow-sticks and games. Gracing the stage were some of the finest performers at KIS, including Skyline (G9), Unorthodox (G10), Sigma (G11), Paper Planes (G12) and the After Party Dance Crew.

The food was provided by Ros Dee restaurant, and as Pitcher (G12) simply put it, “I thought the food was very good.”

A special touch to the event was the brand new snow machine. Emily Be. (G10) definitely thought so. “I liked hanging out with my friends and dancing together as a class with snow falling down which was really awesome and surprising.”

All in all, the event was a great success. All the different grades that attended seemed to have enjoyed it.

It seems that parties might have to be hosted more regularly. “We were dancing and the music was at its finest!” said Kiara (G9). “It’s nice to get everyone together and just dance.”

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