Junior Achievement 2015: The String Theory Operation

Over the course of the the first semester, a group of aspiring wolves banded together to form the team that would represent KIS at Junior Achievement, a competition where high school students create and run their own small company. The KIS team consisted of students covering Grades 10 – 12, of which made up our 2015 JA Company: String Theory.

Although there hasn’t been a JA company in KIS in the previous academic year, Mr Garry and Mr Paul Collins, our JA mentor, provided us with the support necessary for us to get right into the project. Many members of the community, from parents to teachers to other students, became shareholders in the company, and Ken (G11) was elected as the CEO of the company. A company hierarchy was established:

  • VP of Production: Sign (G11)
  • VP of Marketing: Por (G11)
  • VP of Public Relations: Ashe (G11)
  • VP of Finance: KK (G11)
  • VP of Human Resources: Terng (G12)

Running from September and finishing up in December, the members of the company worked hard to design, produce and distribute their product: a drawstring bag boasting a unique and abstract fragment design. The product was unveiled to the KIS community early November, and was a success. The company managed to break even- that is, gain enough profit to balance the costs- within a day of preorders.

On November 28th, String Theory ventured into the wide world. KIS set up a booth at the Phloen Chit Fair and participated at the JA annual Trade Fair at Gateway Ekkamai. The Trade Fair became an important step, as it was where we had to compete with rivaling schools.


December 14th marked the final part of the competition, where the chosen representatives of String Theory presented the process and were interviewed by the JA judges. Although we didn’t win, we certainly had a strong showing, and we even won the ‘Trendy Product’ award!


Overall, many of the students felt that it was a valuable experience as they were able to apply what they were learning in their IB Business classes to real life. In addition, it was a great chance to actually operate a business and see it function. A few members already expressed interest in coming back to join the competition again.

Thank you to the KIS Community for supporting String Theory and being along for the ride as we shattered the boundaries of space and time. With sharpened blades and passionate spirits, KIS will surely return to the JA competition in 2016.

Click here to read the company’s Annual Report: KIS- JA Annual Report



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