Teacher’s Appreciation Day 2016

At KIS, we annually celebrate Teacher’s Appreciation Day, known as ‘Wai Kru Day’ in Thailand. On this day, students take a moment to remember the hard work and dedication that our teachers and staff have shown in delivering our education.

This year, G10 students Faa and Minsue led the traditional Wai Kru chant, and student representatives from all the classes gave flowers to their teachers. Mr Dan M. delivered the Wai Kru speech on behalf of the staff.

The speech became the highlight of today’s ceremony. “Mr Dan’s speech was very heartwarming and respectful”, said Aditya (G11). Emily (G10) agreed, saying “His speech was very touching”.

On behalf of the students, KIS Today and KIS Student Council wish to thank our teachers for their dedication and effort.

Please click on the images to see in full size.


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