It’s DCC Week!

And so the time has come once again to get into groups of five and let out your inner Bob the Builders during Design Cycle Challenge week. This year we’re making bridges out of popsicle sticks, which may seem simple enough, but there’s a lot more to it. The physical requirements of the bridge include; a length of no less than 50cm, a width of 12cm or less, there must be a clear path in the bridge for a car to pass and it must weigh 300 grams or less. The qualities each team should display during this week are collaboration, communication and organization (which will mostly be shown with the use of Trello). So maybe I made it sound a bit more like a tough project, but hey, you’ve gotta work hard to play hard.

Yay! We have our bridges, but of course that’s not all; these bridges must be put to the test, so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I present to you the bridge breaker, a weapon of mass destruction (to the bridges). The way this works is with the use of a hook which is attached to the top or bottom of a bridge as well as a plank of wood (which hangs below), where the weight will be added. Weight is added to the plank of wood until the bridge cannot support it and eventually falls or breaks apart (fatality!). This challenge (or funeral for bridges) takes place every morning of the week starting from Tuesday, leading up to the final tests on Friday. We’ve only got three more days to go people, so put your hard hats on and unleash that little Bob the Builder from inside you!

Good luck and goodbye!

Written by Adriana, G9


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