Weekly Challenge: Star Wars Crossword Puzzle

This is our first social media challenge of the semester, and it is a Star Wars crossword puzzle. The first two houses to send in all correct answers to studentcouncil.kis@gmail.com will win 20 and 10 house points respectively. Please edit your answers directly into the puzzle and send us a photo.Good luck and have fun!

star wars crossword


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Suphanat_Is says:

    Can we use Internet? I mean, can we search the answer on Internet? Is counted as cheating?


    1. Ken says:

      nope that’s not cheating


  2. Carrie B. says:

    I’m a teacher allowing this cross word as a free time activity in my Art Room when subs are in the room…is there a solution to the puzzle I could print for the the sub?

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    1. saloni says:

      I can send you the answers. Just email me (see contact page).


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