Writing Competition: What Should My Short Story Be About?

For details about the writing competition, please click here.

KIS Today recently announced a writing competition under the theme of “LOVE”. Now, that’s a very broad theme, and as many writers know, the broader the theme, the harder it can sometimes be to come up with a plot to match it! Student Council has intentionally left the theme open-ended; yes, your short story should relate to the concept of love in some way, but we’re placing no restrictions on how you actually link to it.

Over this week, we’ll be releasing a few fiction writing tips for you in case you’re finding yourself stuck on coming up with something great that you’d like to submit to us.

Today’s tip is: think about your genre. What genre are you most comfortable writing with? If you’d like to write a straight-up love story, that’s great! However, if you’re more comfortable with other genres and finding romance difficult, feel free to switch to another genre and try to tie the concept of love in somehow.

Some ideas to get you thinking.

  • Science-fiction: what if you place your love story on a more exotic setting? On Mars? In an undersea colony?
  • Dystopian: love; it doesn’t mean it has to be love between a man and a woman. What if it is comradely love within a socialist dystopia?
  • Thriller: could you perhaps tie “love” into a murder story?
  • Fanfiction: no one said you had to invent the characters yourself!

Here’s a full list of genres to get you started.

Again, there’s really no need to bound yourself up with a traditional boy-love-girl story. We’ve intentionally left this competition as open-ended as possible so that you can come up with your most creative piece.

Good luck and have fun! Submissions have begun to roll in and we’re looking forward to seeing many more!


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  1. Suphanat_Is says:

    Can I submit more than one work, without having the previous one eliminated from the competition?

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