The 2016 Bangkok ServICE Conference


During the 15th-17th of January, several KIS students;­ Ajew, Anni, Emily Br., Erin, Fah, Genie, Martin and Vikram had the privilege to attend the 5th annual Bangkok ServICE Conference. The conference was held at Wells International School. It provided students from different international schools around Thailand the opportunity to share ideas and to inspire each other. The schools that attended were­ NIST, BPS, ISB, ICS, WIS, SHB, ASB, PIA, both Regent’s (Bangkok and Pattaya) and KIS.

At the event, there were some keynote speakers. The students talked about world issues like LGBTQA+ shaming, food waste and social enterprise. The adults talked about their experiences with the world issues. For example, there was one adult Keynote speaker named Ms. Emily Penn. Ms. Penn talked about how she traveled across the world by boats and her shocking discoveries of plastic waste in the ocean (and our bodies). There was Mr. D’Arcy Lunn who shared his stories about teaching in different countries. His message was how we can and should help the less fortunate.

There were also student­led sessions where the leaders of each group talked about other world issues. For example, there was one about animal welfare, which was led by WIS. We talked about raising awareness in international schools around Thailand. We talked about what is already being done and what we can do about it and how we can support the cause. In another meeting, the topic was about sharks and it was lead by an organization called Shark Guardian. We talked about sharks and the fact that they are misunderstood and mislead in the media. We also talked about how shark fin soup should not be consumed.

Genie (G6) also got to perform her self-composed song about the issue of elephant ivory. We were proud to hear that the other students were very impressed with the performance.


It was interesting to see how students were able to run many different and impressive campaigns, all serving for a different cause in the world. Seeing a diverse range of ideas inspired us to take more action in our own school and community. The conference served a great purpose by Inspiring, Connecting and Empowering (the ICE in servICE) the students from all over Bangkok (and Thailand).


By Vikram G8




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