Writing Competition: It’s NOT a Boy Girl Thing

For details about the writing competition, please click here.

If you don’t get the reference, please watch It’s a Boy Girl Thing and smile. You’re welcome.

With the deadline for the Writing Competition coming close, what exactly are you going to do with your unsubmitted work? Maybe you’ve hit a writer’s block or you just simply don’t care for the theme, but trying your hand at this could never hurt.

Also, if you’re in DP, this is CAS. We love CAS.

If you’re having trouble really approaching this theme, don’t take it literally. Love’s not just about relationships between two people that are romantic. Love is inclusive of parental love, or well, friendships. You can interpret the theme as being more about passion, or an aspect of love rather than the stereotypical romance story. If there’s anything that sparks something inside of you, a hobby, a cuisine, a soft teddy bear, anything. Take that, and broaden out your story or poem from there.

Honestly, I want an “Ode to Food“; to a lover that never fails to disappoint. Until you gain weight or – never mind.

Still lost on what to write?

This song by The Script, titled “This=Love” manages to capture essences of love in a new manner. Take inspiration from it.

So, a tip? Crank up that music, think of something, anything, out-of-the-box, or even in-the-box, and write whatever comes to your mind. The best works are created without restraint. Don’t tell yourself you’re not a good author, or you can’t write well. Trust me, when you put your soul into it, the writing becomes easy. Or, well, typing. 


Besides, we all want to earn house points, don’t we?


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