Seniors Wolves End Their Tournament 3rd


The Senior Wolves ended their tournament journey in 3rd-place at Ascot last Saturday, marking the end of their challenge for the tournament title for this season.

The Wolves, still on their winning momentum against St. Andrews 107 in their recent league match, were off to a perfect start after beating 1-0 over a tough St. Stephens.

However, the wolves were later gutted after getting beaten 3-0 and 2-1 over Ascot and BCIS respectively. There were some questions had to be asked though about the tournament organizations as KIS Wolves were under disadvantage having to play 3 tough schools consecutively without breaks along with controversial decisions by the referees in those matches.

The Wolves felt like they lost their motivation as they conceded two sloppy goals against Concordian in another 2-1 loss, but got their heads back in the game as they crushed Charter 4-0 in the last group game to qualify for 3rd-place playoff. But the Wolves later found out that they ended their tournament third after finding out that BCIS withdrew their game due to injuries. Thanks to the luck (?), the Wolves were able to end the tournament in a funny fashion!

Funny Note: Wolves and Concordian agreed to play a comedic friendly game instead of watching Ascot playing in the finals because they didn’t feel like watching. They added rules like no defenders or swapping goalies with strikers and other stupid rules. In the end, both sides shared a lot of laughter and friendship as these two sides prepare to face each other in their League match next Thursday!

TISAC Football Tournament Group 1 Results @Ascot

KIS vs St. Stephens (1-0 Win)

KIS vs Ascot (3-0 Loss)

KIS vs BCIS (2-1 Loss

KIS vs Concordian (2-1 Loss)

KIS vs Charter (4-0 Win)

3rd Place Playoff: KIS win due the BCIS Withdrew

Final Result: KIS 3rd Place


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