Veteran’s Day in Thailand

Tomorrow (February 3rd) is the annual celebration of Veteran’s Day in Thailand.

This day is for commemorating the foundation day of the War Veterans Organization of Thailand. The official remembrance ceremony takes place at the Victory Monument in Bangkok, which was constructed in 1941 in order to commemorate the victory of Thailand during the Franco-Thai war.

This war began with the brief conflicts waged against the French colonial authorities in Indo-China. This resulted in Thailand gaining few territories in Laos and Cambodia, in which these territories previously belonged to the Kingdom of Siam before surrendering to France in 1893 and 1904.

Red poppies are symbolic flowers that represent peace. They are sold around Thailand to remind us about the people who died fighting for freedom. Student Council will also be selling these flowers at lunch in front of the cafeteria and after school for 40 baht each. All proceeds are given to the veterans and their families through the War Veteran’s Organization.


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