Fah Returns to Student Council After Election

After the departure of the previous G8 class representative, the grade 8s were in need of a new leader. The election took place earlier today (February 11th) with very surprising results.

The new G8 representative is no other than Fah, who also was her class’s previous representative last year. Alongside Anni, the current representative, SC now has a new member joining its family.

We asked Fah for a few words on her feelings of winning today’s elections which she replied with an enthusiastic, “Awesome!”

It’s great to have you back on SC Fah!

Read her motivational speech that won over her class’s hearts below:

“You are probably asking yourself: why should you vote me? What makes me the suitable representative for our class? I know that I might not be the best representative in the world, but I truly care for you guys and our class. Everyone deserves to have a voice. I know that you guys have brilliant ideas and the rest of the school deserves to know that too.  I have had the experience of being a representative, and I can guarantee that I will do a better job than before. I will try, with my fullest abilities to bring our class to success and if we work together we can make the school a better place for our class and for everyone else.”



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