The Dawn of Spring – A Competition at Rangsit University

On Friday February 12th, 2016, Mr. Ben and Ms. Alison brought some of their Mandarin students over to Rangsit University, where a Chinese New Year themed competition was held among various invited schools to celebrate the incoming spring and the start of a new year in the lunar calendar. KIS students, with as much spirit as always, joined the competition.


There were various events that tested and enhanced our students’ language skills. From poetry recitals to solving Mandarin riddles, to drawing to a major quiz bowl in the afternoon. There was also a chance to play some games in the outer atrium to earn some prizes, as well as making your own good luck charms.

As the end of the competition approached, some of our students managed to grace the stage to earn prizes. Mint (G11) was second place in the art competition, Ken and Por (G11) managed the 5th spot in the quiz bowl, with Kimberly and Daniel (G10) coming in at first place.

Well done, KIS!

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