G10 Residential Trip to Khao Lak

This post was written by Faa, G10. 

The last ever residential trip of KIS CO’18 was indescribable, filled with the most touching moments of friendship to the most thrilling experiences anybody could face once in a lifetime.

Activities started right on the first day after we landed at Suratthani Airport. After transferring to Rajaprabha Dam and Cheow Lan Lake, we were given time to kayak and explore the coral caves of Khao Sok. Everybody had fun swimming, kayaking (and overturning other people’s kayak) in the clear water in the middle of the amazingly beautiful scenery. The coral caves were equally amazing—beautiful and hard-to-find. After an extremely tiring day, everybody collapsed till morning right after we arrived the resort at dusk.

G10 Residential_3785

The second day was as full of activities as the first day. We hiked through the jungle to the waterfalls. Everybody jumped into the cold refreshing water and played wildly after such a tiring hike through the hot jungle. We were taught of ways to survive in the jungle, including how to cook rice, chicken (but not how to kill them, of course), and green curry by only using resources found in nature—like if one day we were left alone in the jungle, we wouldn’t die (I hope?). The day ended with lots of freetime in the afternoon—favorite activity of the day—for us to relax and spend time together.


The third and fourth day was all about community and service. We left Khao Sok and headed off to the Foundation for Education and Development. The three service activities we did were teaching English, playing sports, and painting the school. The English courses turned out better than we thought; the kids really enjoyed singing and dancing to songs we taught them such as the all time famous songs Let it Go, Sorry and New Thang. In return, we gained lots of fun experiences (and knowledge of Burmese language where we are very willing to use to talk to each other later on after we come back).


Day 3_2669_zps19fydegi
On the last day, we arrived at Don Muang airport in the afternoon. We would never forget what we’ve gone through together as a class from this residential trip, and we would treasure the memories made for the rest of our lives (especially that third night during the tsunami, we really gained a once in a lifetime memory).


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  1. What a beautiful story.


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