G8 Residential Trip to Rayong

This post was written by Fah and Martin, G8.

The grade 8 residential trip was a one of a kind experience for the class of 2020. We have visited the Rayong province in Thailand and had the great opportunity to interact with the environment and the world around us, through many exciting activities. This excursion was an exciting learning experience for all of us.

The grade 8 students departed KIS on Monday, the 29th of February. We stopped at the Loris Project Center in Bangphra Waterbird Breeding Center Chonburion, on the way from Bangkok to Rayong, in which we got to learn about animal trafficking, as well as create enrichment for the animals, kept in captivity in the center. After our visit at the Loris Project Center, we continued travelling and have reached the Rayong Chalet resort by the afternoon.

On the second day of the grade 8 residential trip, the grade 8 students left the resort in the morning to visit the Turtle Sanctuary on an island, off the coast of Rayong. We learned about the threats, which turtles have to face, and a project, with the purpose to preserve turtle lives by breeding and captive rearing. The project aims to raise awareness about plastic waste in the ocean and how it affects the marine life around. Later, we went to snorkel and explored the coral reefs of the Rayong province, where we saw a lot of fascinating marine life and learned about the ocean environment in Rayong.

Resi'16 ALL pics_2267

On the third day The Wild Planet staff have organised two activities for the grade 8 class. The class separated into two groups to do the activities. The first activity was mountain biking, where we explored the Rayong botanical garden by bicycle. The second activity was using the GPS to make our way around the botanical gardens on foot, in which we l earned how to use coordinates to navigate the area.

Resi'16 ALL pics_8988

On the following day the class was divided into two groups. The first group stayed at the resort to conduct a cooking competition, while the other group left the resort to the same botanical garden to kayak in the wetlands. We learned to work together as a group to complete the challenges, as well as working collaboratively to form an effective cooking team. In the evening, students organised their own night activities and presented them to the rest of the class.

Residential trip_6509

On the last day of the trip we had a little competition of building water rockets before our departure from Rayong. Students made groups of five and worked collaboratively to build water rockets, then tested the rockets to see whose rocket flew the furthest. We then thanked the staff from Wild Planet for providing this amazing experience for us and departed from Rayong.

We have practiced our collaborative skills during this trip and interacted a lot wit the environment around us. Overall, it was enjoyable experience for the class of 2020 and we would love to go there again.

Resi '16_9357 Resi '16_5459

View some of G8’s favourite photos, sent to Student Council via LINE:

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