G9 Residential Trip to Sukhothai

This post was written by Man, G9.

Watch a video made by Jean, G9: 

After one whole week of adventure and excitement, us ninth graders come back from our unforgettable residentials at Sukhothai with satisfaction and exhaustion. On the first day we left Suvarnabhumi on seven a.m. and arrived at the Sukhothai airport shortly after. During this day we visited countless locations and participated in many unfamiliar activities that us students don’t get to do everyday, such as rice farming, planting, collecting salads, herbal plants, duck eggs etc. We spent our first night at the Baan Na Ton Chan homestay, where me and my friends get divided and taken care by some really sweet ladies there in their houses. In the next morning, we also got to see and learn about what locals in that village did for a living such as fabric mud dying, toy making, and cooking which was highly educational and amusing.


We spent the other three days resting at Sukhothai Treasure Resort and Spa, where we were greeted by lovely staff and bright smiles. During the third day, our class woke up early in the morning to go watch the sunrise at Wat Tapharn Hin up in the mountains where we snapped some lovely photos, after about half an hour we came down to have breakfast, then we departed to Wat Sri Chum and Wat Pra Phrai to admire the temples from the Sukhothai period almost eight hundred years ago. Later, we visited a museum where we looked at the ancient stucco, pottery and artifacts that archeologists dug up. Next stop, we went to paint our own Thai pottery that we were drawing in school, and looked at some pottery and ceramics that the locals were making and selling.


During the fourth day, we headed for Baan Klong Plai Na School, where were greeted by grateful students and teachers. After watching a cute little performance by the students, we brought  up the sports gear that our school donated, and had fun playing football, badminton and other sports. Shortly after, our class unpacked the computers and gear that we donated and set them up in their computer room, where we were eyed by eager and enthusiastic students. After we were done setting up the computers, we went down to have lunch and have the students teach us about some clay art, while we were teaching them how to speak and read English. When we were about to leave, the school hosted a goodbye ceremony thanking us for all the support that we as a school has given them during the past four years and we KIS students and Baan Klong Plai Na students conversed and shared some lovely memories. We had a truly insightful and worthwhile experience while we were there and we all felt full in our hearts.


During the last day, we all visited some Sukhothai ruins and learned about their significance and roles in the past, went to a sugarcane production farm, get to know more about sugar production. Later we headed for the airport and arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport at six p.m., where we all divided and went home. Personally I think that this residential was the best one I’ve ever been to because we got to participate and learn more about so many things that we wouldn’t know by being on our phones and computers here in Bangkok. Overall, it was an astonishing and eye opening experiences that we all will never forget.



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