SC Update: Week of March 10

Welcome back to school! After a week of residential trips, Student Council has some new updates.

  • KIS’ Got Talent: There have been a few alterations to the actual dates. The registration deadline has been extended to next Wednesday (March 16), and the first round will be held next Friday (March 18). Click here for more information.
  • SC Nominations: Student Council nominations will be held next Thursday (March 17). Remember, as announced in assembly, that we will be holding a referendum on whether or not the representatives should be gender based; the referendum will also be held in advisory.
  • Canteen Updates: As announced in assembly, there have been some changes made to the menu. There will be two new sandwiches called the caesar wrap (bacon) and the barbecue sandwich. There are new fruit smoothies – mango, watermelon and banana. Also, if the food you have bought is not hygienic, you can go and ask for a new dish which you will get for free.

Have a great rest of the week!


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