Happy π Day!

It’s the fourteenth of March today and most math nerds and your math teachers might be hyped up about it being pi day. Other than being the both a nightmare and blessing to students doing trigonometry, it is also a mysterious, never-ending, irrational number.


Ok, sorry I know. Bad overplayed joke, but I really couldn’t resist. But if you’re like me and understand that pi sounds like something that should be eaten and not studied, BUT you really need to know what pi is, well you’re in luck cause I found just the GIF for you!

Credits to tumblr (not in MLA format)

How rad.

Yeah okay, it didn’t clarify much for me either except I really need to revisit my trig notes.

This TedEd Talk further talks about pi, if you’re really that interested in knowing.

Don’t get why today is pi day? The first few digits of pi are 3.14. It’s not 2015 otherwise the date would be 03.14.15 – but every 14th of March the date looks like the digits of pi – well in the United States of America at least, with their confusing M/D/Y format.


So eat some pie because the pun is deliciously out there, look smart by acting like you really understand pi, do some trigonometry for fun, and then wait next year so you can do it again! You could do something cool like find your birthday as a pi number – your own personal pi day. How, you ask?


Too nerdy and lame for you? Sigh* Maybe some other exceptionally nerdy occasion will fulfill your criteria for entertainment.

Also seriously last year was the real pi day, but because the IB just cares about 3 significant digits we can get away with it.

What did you do for pi day? And now that you’re more educated (sort of) about it, what do you plan on doing next year?

Until then, live long and prosper.


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