Voting on the Gender Rule in SC Elections: Pros and Cons

SC elections are back! It barely feels like it but it has already been a year since we last went through this process. Over the rest of the term, you will nominate candidates in your class, who will then be approved by the principal, after which the elections themselves will take place. However, apart from this process, there is one other decision to make this year. This decision is about keeping or removing the gender rule.

What is the Gender Rule?
For the last two years, we have had a rule that we can call the Gender Rule. It makes sure that one boy and one girl is elected from each class.

This year, we will have a chance to remove this rule, and instead classes can elect two girls, two boys, or one girl and one boy.

Now about the pros and cons of either voting for the gender rule or voting to remove it.

“Keep the Gender Rule” “Remove the Gender Rule”
  • Each class will have one male and one female representative
  • Makes sure both girls and boys are represented from each class, as in some classes the girls and boys are in separate groups.
  • Allows the two most appropriate representatives to be elected
  • The people most passionate about SC can be chosen.
  • Voting process would become simpler/easier.
  • It would better represent the student body’s ideas
  • People who are more passionate about SC may not be elected because the rule asks for one boy and one girl
  • Gives students less choice in voting.
  • We aren’t sure what effects this would have on the elections
  • It can cause a gender imbalance within SC (for example, there might be more boys than girls)

Keeping the rule would stick to what we know: it would represent both girls and boys equally. However, as it stands right now, some people who are more passionate about SC aren’t elected because the rule doesn’t allow two girls or two boys to be elected. Changing it would mean that we trust the voters more, and don’t force equality into the system. While there is a possibility of a gender imbalance in SC, we think that it would allow you to elect people who better represent your classes, and thus make SC more effective.

Think about all these ideas when you vote on this Thursday, March 17. We hope you make the right choice.


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