Dramatic Winner Sealed the Game as Wolves Slayed Lions

Maggie’s STUNNING halfway line shot gave Senior Girls their first win of the season in a dramatic five-goal thriller at the Wolves Den on a blazing Monday afternoon.

The Wolves started the game positively early in the first-half as Petra and Kerry had couple of attempts each but the Regent’s goalkeeper was equal to it. Midway through the half, Regents started to get their gears working as their ace midfielder Florence threatened with the long-range thunderbolt which luckily saved by the woodwork. Florence eventually opened the scoring as their outside foot lobbing shot dinked into the top-right corner giving Ruby in goal no chance.

PETRAFY IT THROUGH: Petra (23) skips through challenges from Regents defense

The game looked like it was going to be another rough match for the ladies, but they found an equalizer pretty early as a poor clearance from the Regent’s keeper from a corner fell straight in front of Kiara, who did a ballet-esque volley straight into the roof of the net and gave Wolves a fighting chance. Petra had a double chance to give Wolves the lead before the break, but both attempts were saved ending the first-half in a 1-1 draw.

The second-half started the same way as first-half where the Wolves dominated the early stages with Kerry missing a couple of chances. Regents were putting numbers at the back and mostly launched counter-attacks which proved successful as Florence dribbled through Wolves Defense and bent the ball into the far post giving the Lions the lead once again.

Desperate to find their first win of the season however, the Wolves responded immediately after conceding after Kerry lobbed the ball in front of the goal hoping Emily would reach before the defender. The defender reached the ball and tried to clear but Emily who was persistent to get the ball managed to block the clearance with her stomach and then later took a shot which rolled into the goal.

DUTCH DUO: Emily takes care of the goal kick for Ruby

The game got heated up even more than the weather as both sides were throwing numbers forwards trying to find the winning goal. Wolves defense notably Aki, Maggie and Mansi were excellent at the back with crucial last minute tackles and also Ruby who made couple of saves stopping Regent’s surging attacks. The ladies’ organization and concentration was much improved compared to before games as they believed that they could actually win this game, and it paid off.

5 minutes before the end of the game, the Wolves won a corner but it was cleared away by Regents defense and looked as if nothing happened. The ball was rolling past the halfway line then Maggie surprised everyone as she shouted “I GOT IT!” and then just blasted a screamer to the side of the net, surprising everyone in the crowd even herself. It proved to be a vital goal for the ladies as they kept the lead until the end of the match giving their first win of the season in a dramatic fashion!

WOLF PRIDE: Senior Girls managed to win their first game of the season

Although the weather was extremely burning, the ladies gave 120% in every play as they hustled everywhere around the pitch. Massive respect for them for their tireless effort and we hope they can end the season in a high against 107 away in their final game of the season!

TISAC Football League Senior Girls

KIS vs Regents (Result 3-2 Victory)

Goals: Kiara (G9), Emily Be (G10), Maggie (G10)

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