Where We Are Now, Where We Want to Be

Did you know that even though it is only the middle of March students from Grade 12 here  at KIS have already been offered more than 700’000 dollars in scholarships to United States universities? Did you know that we have been offered places at universities such as Northeastern, Chicago, Northwestern, Boston, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Durham, Warwick, Edinburgh, Exeter and Bath. This years Senior Class has excelled with the offers that it has received and, believe it or not this is not just an accident! This years class started early on their search for universities. They have applied to ones which we agreed would be a good fit for them, both personally as well as academically.

Finding the correct university can be a long drawn out and indeed hard job, but it doesn’t have to be. As with all things that we do preparation will make a real difference to your outcome. If you want to be an engineer or study engineering do you know which subjects you should study at HL and SL? No? I do, why not come and talk to me or even carry out some research?
Do you know how much NYU costs per year? No? I do….etc etc, the school pays for us all to have some great software at hand to carry out college searches as well as personality tests and other useful information gathering tools, all of these tools are contained in the Naviance/Family Connection software which you should have access to. If you do not just come and see me and  I will help you.

The bottom line of this post is that if you are proactive now, no matter which grade you are in your life will be very much easier when you come to G12. Most of you know me now, I have an office in the IB common room, come up and see me some time.


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