KIS Spirit’s Up at Mixed Up!

This post might be a little late, but we all can still recall the Mixed Up event that NIST hosted on Friday the 11th of March in which many bands from international schools gathered to perform and raise money for charity. Due to that, this gave us a lot of time to socialise with other people from different schools and had a really great time meeting new faces from a similar community!

Two KIS bands attended and performed wonderfully with raging enthusiasm. The atmosphere was very pleasant and despite having the event set outside with the unbelievably hot weather, it was still a very good night and the music took everyone away! There was food and drinks to eat while the music was playing and it felt like a small music festival.

The music wasn’t only one genre either, there were bands that performed rock, heavy metal and one did a unique acoustic cover of ‘Photograph’ by Ed Sheeran by looping her own voice and harmonising to her own notes!

Overall, the event was very successful and we heard laughters and cheers from every corner of each table. The crowd was exceedingly enthusiastic and went from head banging to sing alongs, which definitely lifted the mood for every band!


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