Final Day of Term 2 Schedule and Information

The schedule for the final day of term 2 will be as follows:

Period 1-4: Regular schedule

Period 5: Student Council elections, Songkran Assembly

Period 6: KIS’ Got Talent final round

Period 7: Catcher in the Rye (please don’t forget to bring your house shirt!)

SC Elections

All grade levels will be conducting Student Council elections in their advisory classrooms. Candidates will all make a 1 minute speech before the voting commences. Click here for a list of all the candidates. 

The following are the assigned locations:

  • G6: D302 (Thai room)
  • G7: D405 (Ms Lynley’s room)
  • G8: the Library
  • G9: D415 (Mr Park’s room)
  • G10: D402 (the Art room)
  • G11: DP Study Room

Songkran Assembly

After elections are over, each grade will move to the auditorium for the Songkran Assembly, which will be a game show hosted by Grade 10.

KIS’ Got Talent Final Round

Student Council election results will be announced, after which will be the final round of KIS’ Got Talent. The finalists are:

Yim & Ruby – Singing
Aaryaman- Dancing
Danny – Rapping
Jaa – Singing
Lya & Ray – Singing
Kayden – Dancing
Skyline- Band performance

Catcher in the Rye

The final activity will be a game of Catcher in the Rye during period 7. Each house will be placed in different corners of the field. There will be water balloons and buckets of water available! Don’t forget to wear your house shirt.

Have fun!


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