Throwback Thursday

The penultimate day of Spirit Week was Throwback Thursday and KIS Today will be focusing on a species of students: the devolutionary MYP student. Typically through the process of evolution, organisms will adapt to new surroundings and habitats. However, it has recently been discovered that a special type of student, known as the DP student, find it extremely difficult to adapt to new environments even after undergoing evolution. As such, they tend to devolve and attempt to regress back to their old forms, particularly back to being an “MYP Student”, although this tends to get exposed as pure self-deceit and foolish daydreaming about a rosier past.

The KIS Today investigative news department has compiled some cases where this species has been spotted:

Exhibit A: 2010 vs 2016
Spirit week day 4_4716
Exhibit B: “Delusions about being in G10 Humanities”
Spirit week day 4_8825
Exhibit C: “Much happiness about– I don’t know”
Exhibit D: “IB exams? What IB exams? What is IB?”

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