Barclays Premier League Special: Can Leicester City Pull Off a Miracle?

Two goals from Leicester City’s star striker Jamie Vardy gave the Foxes a crucial 2-0 win over Sunderland on Saturday night. The win meant that Leicester City will go 7 points above current runners-up Spurs with 5 games to go for both sides. The question is, can Leicester City actually shock everyone by winning the league?

Jamie Vardy of Leicester City celebrates as he scores their first goal against Sunderland
KING POWER? Nope, KING VARDY: Leicester’s Jamie Vardy scored twice to continue Leicester’s quest for Championship (Source: SkySports)

Leicester City just need 9 points from a maximum 15 points over the next 5 games to win the title but their remaining fixtures remain really tricky as they have to take on in-form West Ham, Swansea City, and Everton at home plus pressuring trips against Manchester United and Chelsea. However, Leicester are now on a 5-game win streak without considering a goal which will give them massive confidence over the remaining games. If the star players Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, and others keep their form then Leicester might actually win their first ever miraculous Premier League trophy.

Toby Alderweireld of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates as he scores their second goal
NOT TOO SHABBY, TOBY: Toby Alderweireld (Number 4) gave Spurs’ second goal in their 3-0 win over Manchester United (Source: Sky Sports)

Chasing behind Leicester are Tottenham Hotspurs who managed to close the difference gap between them and Leicester to 7 points after a 3-0 thumping victory over Manchester United on Saturday night too. Although they are a little bit behind the leaders, Spurs actually have the opportunity to win all of their remaining 5 games as they play off-form teams like Stoke, West Brom, and Newcastle. Spurs will probably win against Southampton at home which means that the only tough fixture they will face is against Chelsea away. Spurs will have to keep on pressuring Leicester by winning the games and hope that Leicester will screw up in the remaining results.

Whatever the results maybe, this season has proven all of us the power of the underdogs. No one would have thought that the team which was under brink of relegation last year (Leicester) or the team the struggle that struggled to enter Top 4 over the past 5 years (Tottenham) would become serious title challengers ahead of big clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester Unite, and Manchester City. This has to be one of the most dramatic, emotional, and phenomenal even in football history.

FOR THE GLORY: Will it be Leicester or Spurs that will lift their first ever Premier League Trophy? (Source: Proven Quality)

I personally think that Leicester can win the title this season, considering all the phenomenal results they’ve had over the months, Tottenham will close the gap but I just don’t think there’s enough time for them to overtake the top. What your opinion though? Do you think Leicester can create a miracle or do you think Spurs will create a  dramatic comeback? Leave your predictions in the comments section below!

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  1. Yash Patil says:

    Minsue, I think Tottenham can win the premier league as Leicester City have very difficult opponents for the last 5 games while Tottenham has easy fixtures. Mahrez and Kante have been very big plus point for Leicester City and if they fail to perform, Leicester City will be in trouble. For Tottenham, Kane has already been performing and their last victory over Manchester United, I think they will take over and win the premier league.


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