Bright Smiles at Color Run 2016


On the 9th of April 2016, the annual Color Miles for Smiles charity run event, otherwise known as the Color Run, was held. This year, the run was a bright and vibrant neon theme.


Color Miles for Smiles is a charity running event hosted by Operation Smile. The organization seeks to gain money for children with facial disorders (such as the cleft lip). 172 surgeries have been performed ever since the organization’s first mission in 2001. To read more, please visit:

The 5 kilometer run consisted of 5 stations, each station having something unique to contribute to the overall theme, such as glow in the dark paintings and laser lights. Goodies such as glow sticks, LED wristbands, and neon colored wristbands were handed out at the stations.

The day ended with the highlight of the event, the final color blowout! After prizes were given, participants received colored powder and used them in a colorful dance party.

The Color Miles for Smiles charity event is one worth participating. You give for a good cause, and you gain an excellent experience back. Be sure to join next year for a colorful, memorable experience.




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