The Upcoming Storm of IB Exams

The G12s are nearing the last leg of their KIS race. Beginning next week, they are to sit through the gruesome IB exams for three weeks. And once they are completed, will mark the end of their journey at KIS.

It seemed like yesterday that the school year was starting. And now, we’re heading into our last full month. With the exams so close, some of the G12s are willing to share their thoughts on their experiences in their last week of freedom.

“I felt like I had so many weeks ahead of the IB exams until today when I suddenly realize that I have only 7 days left,” says Pitcher. While the tests has him rather tense, he’s motivated.

The same can be said by Vallie. “It’s a like a mixture of being scared and stressed out while being excited as well. You know it’s coming to an end soon and you know it’s the last push.” 

Pranav, our Student Council president, is also preparing himself for the ultimate challenge. He says,”I’m feeling slightly nervous but mostly I’m hyped. It’s the end game! Time to show what we got.”

From intense review to group discussions, the KIS Class of 2016 are working together to make sure that everyone makes it through the last leg of high school together.

I just have to keep motivating myself and my friends so that we finish strong together as a whole class. -Pitcher

For those of you who have been at KIS for a while, you will notice that the G12s would break into a chorus of cheers at the end of their exams. Pranav is confident that many of his peers will do so. But the president himself has other plans.

“I plan on screaming before to confuse people further.” Or so he says. 

During the duration of the exams, the library will be closed. But fret not MYP-ers, for study hall schedules will be posted so you will know exactly where to go.

This is where two years of hard work in the DP amounts to, and so the stakes are high. Remember to show the G12’s your support! It’s as easy as encouraging words and watching your noise levels around the library.

Good luck, CO’16! KIS is rooting for you!


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