KIS REVIEWS: Descendants of the Sun

Here at KIS Today we do all sorts of articles and today we introduce a new segment called KIS Reviews where we will be reviewing movies or series that are popular today to give you a little insight incase you’re going to [binge]watch on some of them!

As you may or may not know, actor Song Joong Ki finally made his new comeback with an iconic drama that will surely be engraved in our hearts called Descendants of the Sun.


The drama is a military drama revolving around the love between a constantly occupied doctor, Kang Mo Yeon (played by actress Song Hye Kyo) and the captain of the South Korean Special force unit, Yoo Si Jin. The drama focuses on both the individual work that both of them have to deal with and the connections between their jobs when both are sent to the chaotic, war-stricken country of Uruk.

From surviving in missions to keep peace to performing surgery on the president of UAE, this couple doesn’t cease to keep the audience wondering whether or not they will pull through.

Writer, Kim So Eun, who also penned the hit drama “The Heirs” uses a completely different plot device and does not fail to keep the audience interested in every possible episode. From my experience, K dramas usually get a tiny bit boring during the first few episodes, but this is not the case for Descendants of the Sun – the first few episodes had me hooked and I would anticipate every one.


Although the lines were pretty cheesy, actor Song Joong Ki pulled it off so well, you wouldn’t even believe that he was saying something that you would normally cringe at.

Here are some direct quotes stated by other KIS students about the drama:

“It’s so good, it’s like, the best Korean series ever made”Mami, G10

“The best Korean drama ever – in Korean history”Soojin, G9

“It’s a very good drama, the romance and action is a perfect combination – 10/10”Joanna, G9

Overall, the drama itself may seem like it’s packed with complete action, a hint of romance and nothing else, but honestly, it has all the full elements you’ll ever need to entertain you; the suspense, the romance, the humor (especially the humor) and the action.

So, give it a try! The only reason I started watching this was because of the short preview and everyone blabbering about how amazing it was. Little did I know that a few weeks after, it would break the records set by My Love From the Stars and go international with an average of 33% in Korea.

The OST’s are viewed more than 10 million times on youtube and the success of this drama was almost unbelievable.

For Thais it will hit channel 7 on May 7th 2016, be sure to catch that!

Thank you for reading this really long review and we’ll be back soon with another one!


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