KIS REVIEWS: Captain America Civil War


(Warning; major spoilers ahead)

Although Captain America: Civil War had lots of pros, it also had many cons. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Civil War. It was, by far, the most intense and one of the most interesting Marvel movies I have ever seen. It was also my second favorite superhero movie (the first one is The Dark Knight). But even the most die-hard Marvel fans have to admit, there were a few flaws in it. First I’ll talk about the pros. There are an extreme amount of pros in this movie. For example, this movie was a really intense and interesting movie. It kept you at the edge of your seat the whole time. There were a lot of dark moments, but were balanced with the comedic moments too, most of which came from the new and improved, Spider-Man and the love-hate relationship of Bucky and Sam.


Another pro of this movie is the acting. All the characters were incredibly well cast. For example, Tobey Maguire wasn’t a very good Peter Parker or Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield was a pretty good Spider-Man, but not a very good Peter Parker. Tom Holland lived up to that, as he was an awesome Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa/Black Panther was also really good. He succeeded to deliver the fun yet intensity that Black Panther is. Everybody else was also well cast, and succeeded to portray their character wonderfully.


However, the acting the mostly stood out, was that of Robert Downey Jr. His performance of Iron Man was arguably the best part of the movie. His acting throughout the movie was incredible but the part that stood out mostly for me was when he found out that Bucky killed his parents. It was like he had actually experienced and felt Tony Stark’s pain and anger, which made it extremely convincing.

Another thing that went well was the fact that it wasn’t biased at all. Even though it was the third installment of Captain America’s movies, it still had an extreme amount of other characters, including Iron Man. It also showed both sides winning and losing in the fight.

Now, I’ll talk about how it could be improved. Except for the fact that there were a lot of waste of characters, nothing else went wrong. (Spoilers for Civil War comics ahead) In the comics, Crossbones (Brock Rumlow) eventually kills Captain America in the end. He was also a huge part of Civil War. However, in the movie, they chose to kill him quickly in the start, as if he was a burden.


Also, another waste of character was Helmut (Baron) Zemo. Although it wasn’t a complete waste of character, Zemo wasn’t showed to his full potential. In the comics, Baron Zemo has numerous abilities. He is a capable engineer and a talented problem-solver, highly adept at understanding, modifying, and manipulating existing technologies. He is a fine marksman with handguns and an expert swordsman. Although he didn’t show all of these abilities in the movie, he could still be developed in later movies, because he wasn’t killed at the end, only captured.


The most major thing are the five other Winter Soldiers. Although the ending was really interesting, I think another interesting and alternate ending would have been to keep the Winter Soldiers alive and then turn against humanity and then The Avengers having to unite and work together to defeat them. I’m not saying this ending was bad, but it would have been also interesting to see how the alternate one would have gone down.

Thanks for reading and if you have any other thoughts, let me know in the comments below.


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  1. mac says:

    Correction* Toby Maguire is a great Peter Parker but not that good of a spider man and Andrew Garfield was a great spider man but not that good of a Peter Parker, and The new Black Panther had the accent, the role and everything down perfectly so “great” would probably be an understatement


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