Ever felt that you can never achieve something that is completely impossible? Well think again now. Because Leicester City have just created the biggest miracle in the footballing world that shocked everyone and taught everyone a valuable lesson.

The foxes are now guaranteed champions after runners-up Tottenham Hotspur blew away their comeback chance following a 2-2 against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday morning. The result meant both Leicester and Spurs have two games to go with a 7-point gap between them, mathematically impossible for Spurs to catch up. The race is finally over. Leicester City are the champions of England for the first time in their club’s 132-year history.

FANTASTIC MR. FOXES: Leicester City created a miracle by winning the Premier League ahead of other big clubs (Source: Nigerian Pilot)

Before the season started Leicester were way far away from title-favorites according to the experts. Betting sites released that Leicester will have a 5000/1 chance of winning the league considering how they managed to scrape past the relegation at the end of last season.

Experts believed that the quality of the players was not enough for Premier League level. Leicester City’s players are mostly not well-known and bought cheaply with the likes of Jamie, Vardy (1,000,000 Pounds), Riyad Mahrez (400,000 Pounds), N’Golo Kante (5,000,000 Pounds), and many more. Plus new manager Claudio Ranieri was highly in doubt to keep Leicester alive in the Premier League, which made most of the football fans predict that Leicester will be relegated this season.

WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? WIN WIN WIN!: Leicester City players celebrate their championship at Jamie Vardy’s house after Spurs drew their game (Source: The Sun)

However, Ranieri and his men proved everyone wrong. With their strong teamwork and work level, they managed to overcome top teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and others. Players like Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, Drinkwater, and Schmeichel all proved their worth by producing some incredible performances which earned them with many individual awards and their first ever individual caps.

VARDY’S HAVIN’ A PARTY: Jamie Vardy celebrates his team’s Premier League championship (Source: The World Game)

Next year will be the real challenge for Leicester though. They will have to keep their core players to maintain their form, try hard to defend their title (although it’s unlikely, but who knows), and also performing well in the UEFA Champions League next season. Who knows that Leicester might cause a stir even in big European competitions, like beating the likes of even bigger clubs are Barcelona or Bayern Munich. Whatever the case is, Leicester City showed everyone that there’s no such thing as impossible unless you try EXTREMELY HARD, eventually resulting in sweet rewards one day.

For those of you who think there are limits in this world. Take a step back and think what Leicester have done. Do you really think your chances are at 0 percent?…


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  1. FPL says:

    From 5000-1! Just incredible. I feel like anyone can win it next season now. Go Leicester!


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