The IB Exams: First Reactions

Walking past the library, students see the lone chair that warns against passage through. It is an intimidating sight, and until you reach the end of G12, you will never know what it truly feels like to sit the IB exams.

At this point the G12s have taken around three exams: English Paper 1 and Paper 2, and Economics Paper 1. Five students are about to sit Economics Paper 2. You can feel the palpable tensity that swarms through the DP study room’s atmosphere. The room is deadly serious, with archaic economic terms continually being muttered.


When asked about how their English papers went, their answer was unprintable. When asked for an appropriate answer that could actually be put on KIS Today, Vallie and Khushboo answered “It was fine”,  but James added, “Horrendous”.

It is a scary thought when it is realised that this will go on for weeks, with exam after exam coming through like a tsunami that has swept through a city’s coastal defences. “It’s hard to see us doing this for another month,” says Vallie.

We will never know what it’s like to go through the IB exams until we actually go through them ourselves. Until then, make sure to give all the support you can to the Class of 2016!



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