May The Fourth Be With You

Whether you’re a Star Wars pureblood, just got into it through the recent movie, or have no clue why it’s so hyped up, you cannot escape the nerds who get overexcited at the mention of this date. And I am, unapologetically one of those nerds.

If you’ve read this far and really don’t understand what the fuss is all about, read further. If you love Star Wars – comment May the Fourth Be With You.

The fuss behind this entire ordeal is the pun, really.

Fourth sounds like Force but with a lisp – ok maybe our sense of humor isn’t that great.

However, the acclaim surrounding this series and the enthusiasm many fans have for this day are more than enough to make this a real, viable date to be celebrated.

This day is also manipulated by many corporate companies to increase sales revenue by making Star Wars inspired products – smart move capitalism.

So whether you’re tired of fandoms, have a shrine to Darth Vader in your room (hey, I’m not judging people who love the Kardashians, so don’t judge me), or just recently have become slightly interested in the series, do what you will.

Or join forces and go through an episode marathon.


Besides, tomorrow is #RevengeOfTheFifth.


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