Krit’s Korner: The Humble Abode

Here to add to the abudant articles and sections of KIS Today is Krit’s Korner (name subject to change), a segment which will be posting random articles every so often. In this first article, I would like to highlight something special for all the avid gamers of KIS. A website named Humble Bundlesomething I’m sure not many people have heard about. Humble Bundle is a website which sells video games, much like the services provided by Steam or GOG. However, the selling point of Humble Bundle are it’s “bundles”. Every so often, Humble Bundle will find a supposedly “humble company” and promote it by creating a random bundle of games specifically from that company. These bundles are also sometimes created following a specific theme such as “indie games” or “platformers”. The really cool thing about each of these bundles is the fact that you can purchase them for whatever amount you want. There may be 5 really cool games that would normally cost you, let’s say 50 dollars, yet you would be able to automatically purchase them for whatever price you want (even 1 cent if you’re that much of a cheapskate).


However, that’s not all folks, the reason that you can set your own price for these bundles is the fact that the money will go to 3 different places whenever you buy a bundle. These 3 places are the specific company being advertised, Humble Bundle itself, and finally a charity that is being highlighted. You can even choose to donate all the money that you have paid for the games to just one place as well, such as investing it all into charity! This is what the real beauty of Humble Bundle is in my opinion. You can buy games and donate to charity! Although game bundles are the main source of income for Humble Bundle, it is also possible to buy book bundles and even mobile app bundles if that’s your cup of tea. The same principle works. So now, the next time you want to buy some video games, don’t forget to go check out Humble Bundle at! And even better yet, if you have to ask your parents for money, tell them “it’s for charity”!


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  1. emilybr says:

    nice 🙂


    1. Krit says:

      Thank you 🙂


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