The World Scholar’s Cup – An Imperfect World

Because apparently I forgot to publish this. 

(Top Left) Ankit, Saloni, Jedi, Mac, Mint, Kate, Tash, Andrea, Ashe, Mimmi, Por, Adriana.

 With the cry of alpaca’s “Pwaaaa” in tune to the Imperial March, a group of mildly prepared World Scholar’s Cup teams representing KIS made their way into a weekend full of collaborative writing, student challenges, debates, and bowls. This event was not just CAS for the DP students, or a debate showdown. The WSC creates scholars who not just compete, but learn the power of collaboration, respect, and most importantly, having fun.

With the quirky Alpaca give-always sworn on by the scholars to be kept safe and fed, to the nerve racking debate resolutions impossible to crack, KIS did, in the spirit of WSC, succeed in its goal. Perhaps we didn’t win the best team, or the best scholar, but we had fun and we learned about not just our topics but other people. With the total of more than 30 medals altogether, some gold, most silver, KIS managed through its small representation to ensure our talents were, well, represented. Hopefully next year, more scholars will pwaa along and embrace the experience along with bring home more achievements. 

P.S. “Pwaa” is the sound an alpaca makes. The onomatopoeia is a battle-cry that gives us all strength. 

A weekend full of debates, writing, tests, and quiz bowls doesn’t seem like paradise to the average school-goer, but the World Scholar’s Cup is just that with an added bit of fun. We may seem like the biggest nerds, but we aren’t part of the MUN – sorry for bashing your formalities – but talking about what matters most to us. The silly things argued with our friends over lunch or in the middle of the night.

No, seriously, don’t y’all argue about Democracy vs. Communism because then what the heck do you talk about?

The alpacas and Burch.
The happy females.
Andrea’s happy place.
Socializing with other schools.

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