Grade 10 Benjarong Trip


This post was written by: Faa G10B

As part of our learning about Thai Benjarong ware, the Grade 10 students went on a Thai Studies field trip to Buran Benjarong and Ceramics in Samut Sakhon on the 6th of May 2016. When we arrived, Mr.Withoon, the owner of the place, welcomed us warmly and introduced all of us to the basics of Benjarong.

We took a tour around the place to see the different stages of the manufacturing of Benjarongs from drawing patterns onto the unbisqued pottery with gold until painting the patterns out in full color using over glaze. We were all amazed by how much skill and technique is required to produce each piece of Benjarong ware. Mr.Withoon told us that in order for each worker to be able to join Buran Benjarongs, they require at least a week (for very skilled people) up to a few months of drawing and painting practice.

After we finished the tour, we were all given the chance to paint our own Benjarongs! Prior to the field trip, we spent our time in Thai Studies to draw out a design for our Benjarong plates. Since we’re not as skilled as the people there, we could choose to sketch the pattern with a pen first, before outlining it with gold. The gold we used was in the form of liquid. It was inside a syringe, so we could easily use it to draw patterns very similarly to how we use a normal pen to draw. After the gold had dried, we could paint our patterns with various colorful over glaze. Our Benjarong plates will be later put into the kiln and sent to us at KIS afterwards.

We had a really great time at Buran Benjarongs and Ceramics. We were able to gain many knowledge and experiences about the making of the Thai traditional ceramics ware. This was our last school trip we will have together as a whole grade 10 class before entering DP, it’s truly fun and unforgettable for all of us. We’re looking forward to receiving our plates sent to us soon!


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