Grease: A KIS Production

After-school on the 3rd and 4th of May 2016, Mr. Chris, Ms. Sally and the KIS Drama Club presented their annual production: Grease. An adaptation of the musical, of course. And a surprisingly faithful one at that.

As some of us may know, Grease is a well-known American film made in the 1970s about the love between high school students during the late 50s. The film revolves around the ‘good girl’ Sandy and bad boy Danny, who had a summer fling, but end up in the same high school and go through the progress of rekindling romance.


Once the opening video kicked in with “Grease is the Word”, you know you’re in for a treat. Followed by a fantastic opening and musical number, it certainly set the standard for what was to come. The rest of the performance was filled with energetic songs accompanied by equally passionate choreography.

However, no performance goes a hundred percent smoothly. There were a few technical hiccups here and there and some parts felt slightly rushed. But did these problems interfere with the play itself? Rajat from G11 certainly didn’t think so.

“[The actors] engaged with the audience and the songs were amazing,” he said. “The live music as well!”

Eugene from G9 commented “The acting was awesome! But I think the casting could be a little different because some of [the actors] had totally different heights and it looked kinda weird when they were together. But overall the show was great.”

The show even came with parts played by our very own Ms. Sally and Mr. Dan.

The showstopper was definitely Mr. Dan as a guardian fairy, a role that was unexpected, but one that we admit to love.

The costumes were surprisingly similar too! Andrea from G9 who plays the main character, Sandy had the red heels on and of course the iconic disco pants, meanwhile Abhi, G10, who takes on the role of Danny, wore the ever so famous leather vest. So, we can all tell that apart from the acting and the music – the costumes were undoubtedly perfect.

Below are thoughts from some students who were kind enough to provide us with a short review of the performance.

Danny (G11)

I was not really familiar to Grease before Mr. Chris introduced me to it, but when I watched the movie, I instantly fell in love with it! Musicals were never my type of entertainment, but after watching the movie, I started to think otherwise. The music, the fashion, everything was just amazing!

I always believed that recreations of anything are just another way to ruin the original. But I think that the members of the Drama Club really did a fantastic job! The little T-Birds, along with Danny Zuko (Abhigyan) were extremely cute and the Pink Ladies, oh so sassy! Haha, they had just the right amount of sass and style as the original ones, maybe even a bit more.

All in all, I think the performance was absolutely fantastic, the only thing that disappointed me a bit was the music. Grease is a musical and it is one of the most important factors that affect the play. Other than that, I think it could not have been better! Hats off to the whole cast and crew, and of course Mr. Chris!

Final Rating Low-6 out of 7

Ashe (G11)

I’ll be honest. Even though my friends were in it, I wasn’t all that interested in watching Grease. I definitely didn’t expect it to be as amazing as it turned out to be. I could see how hard each member of the production had worked for this to be a success. Shout out to Minsue and his background gang for managing to dodge the lights to try and get everything in place.  The whole story was, obviously amazing, but the chemistry between Abhi and Andrea – although faux, seemed adorable. The school’s popular bad boy treating his summer love differently in front of his friends while he sings about his feelings- Wait a minute – did High School Musical just rehash this concept and make Troy Bolton a jock instead and… I digress. I think this was a vast improvement over previous productions – not that they were failures but the professionality behind this was much more prominent.”

Final Rating High 5 out of 7


Boasting great acting, a colorful cast of characters, a relatable story and incredibly catchy music, “Grease” was a performance that kept audiences thoroughly entertained.
If you hadn’t gone to see it, then you’ve missed one of–if not the–best KIS production.

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Written in collaboration between Janice (G9) and Por (G11).
Photos courtesy of Ajew (G8).



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