The Wolf’s Howls |10M|

I’m not exactly a musical genius, but my life is a soundtrack to me. Now, weekly, from yours truly, three songs playing in the back of my mind will be here, broken down for you to listen to and judge. 


Artist: Kygo ft. Kodaline

Album: Cloud Nine Year: 2016

Genre: Folktronica, Deep House

Thoughts: I’m definitely biased towards this song because it is a blend one of my favorite DJs and bands. Kodaline’s vocals complements Kygo’s chords, although the song itself creates a refreshing contrast between the DJ’s usual style. Both these artists are known for songs that are much more on the calm, ‘chill’ side – and this is an amazing fusion of their two styles. 

Rating: 6/7

Artist: The Chainsmokers ft. Daya (Illenium remix)

Album: –  Year: 2016

Genre: EDM, Trap

Thoughts: It’s not exactly what I’d call a ‘hidden treasure’ since a lot of people do know this remix, but it is one that is worth mentioning. The original itself is quite amazing, but Illenium managed to elevate the drops even higher than before, and give it a slightly more mellow sound. Reminds me of a platypus enjoying a warm summer day in cool Australian waters – please don’t ask me why.

Rating: 5/7

Artist: Kansas

Album: Leftoverture  Year: 1976

Genre: Progressive Rock, Hard Rock

Thoughts: Supernatural fan feels galore. This song was introduced to me by the Supernatural series finales, but it stuck to me even further than that. I really fell in love with the entire song’s emotional value and the story it seemed to tell. It has a slight spiritual vibe around it – not just because of its origins or story, but the chords themselves. 

Rating: 5/7

Have a song you’re in love with but no one knows about? 


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