NEW Fundraiser for Ban Na Pa School

The following article was written by Art (from TA 3).

Hi everyone,

My name is Art (TA G3). I am a member of Sparkclub, a group of motorcycle riders that love to travel around Thailand on bikes!

We set up a trip every year to help out schools in the countryside. This time we have decided to go Ban Nam Pa school in Nongmuang, Banmee Lopburi provice.

Bang Nam Pa is a small size government primary school with 39 students and 5 teachers. The school is located in the wilderness area, and there is a lack of clean drinking water and water storage containers.

After we did an observation last month, we decided that we would try to help the school out with purchasing water storage containers, and to develop the environment and many of the facilities around the school.

We would like to ask for your help in raising funds to help us to assist the school with this project.

Please donate to this worthy cause.

Our working trip is on June 4th and 5th so if you can make your donation by May 30th this would be greatly appreciated.

I will also bring photo’s of how we have used the money and the improvements we have made.

Thank you very much.

Please see some photos of what the school looks like now:

Ban Nam Pa School


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