#RELATABLE: 22 things every KIS student could relate to

Right here, KIS Today presents a brand new topic called “#RELATABLE“. We know a lot of you see the common posts typically on tumblr, weheartit or of course, instagram. So we’d like to create something just like that, but KIS edition.

Today, we list the 22 things KIS peeps could probably relate to – maybe some of you might feel better about it now you know that some of us actually go through the exact same things.

1.When no one’s started the assignment yet, so the teacher moves the deadline.


2. Calling every contact you have on Skype to do the major assignment that’s due tomorrow… And ending up starting an hour after the call started.


3. Hoping the teacher lets you out for break early to grab the chocolate croissants (or the Oreos).


4. When someone takes the last chocolate croissant from the batch during break.


5. Feeling more forever alone than usual when hearing the voice messages during Valentines Day.


6. Getting really, really confused when they decide to hold an impromptu house competition.


7. *comes to school in uniform* *sees everyone in house shirts*


8. Promising you’ll finish that assignment in study hall.. but you don’t.


9. Thinking about the members of your DCC group a week before DCC actually starts.


10. When the teacher forgets to put the test review sheets up on managebac and the test is tomorrow.


11. When you go to @ corner hoping to get the banoffees but there’s none


12. You love it when it’s fish and chips day (if you check out our weekly ‘What’s Cookin’‘ articles, you’ll know 🙂


13. When your best friend mentions the homework tomorrow, but then you realize they’re in the other class


14. When you go the wrong direction and realize the bathrooms actually on the other side of the hall, but you’re already half way through


15. When study hall’s really quiet, but you have to sneeze so you just


16. “You didn’t get enough sleep last night didn’t you?


17. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding when the teacher leaves the room.


18. When your favourite album/movie/game comes out but you have to wait and download it at home because it’s going to take up a whole lot of Bandwith.


19. When you’re having a great time on a Friday hangout with your friends and you realize you have a major on monday


20. When you see the disappointment on the teachers face after you ask to go to the bathroom/fill up your water bottle after break.


21. When it’s that time of the year where managebac is just really red.


22. And probably the worst one in this entire list – when you get a 3 on that test you thought you aced.


And I could go on and on, but this list would be never-ending.

We hope you enjoy this week’s article of #RELATABLE and hope you’ll read many more articles to come!

See you soon.


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