SC Q&A: Favorite Disney Character


A few weeks ago we asked you, the students, to send us any questions you had about the members in SC. The first question we got was, “What is your favorite Disney Character?”

Here to answer this question, we have Anais and Emily!

Anais (G7): My favourite disney character is Olaf. He is funny and I love his outgoing personality. At times he might be kind of awkward, but this is what makes me like him!! The disney character that I can relate the most to is Donald Duck, he makes jokes that sometimes people don’t laugh at (like me), gets grumpy all the time, is hot headed, but he’s funny and talks all the time!

Emily (G10): Although I have a lot of disney characters that I like, I would have to say that my all time favorite is Pascal from the amazing disney animation, Tangled (which is like the best disney movie but is really underrated). Despite being a side character, Pascal plays an important part in the movie as Rapenzel’s adorable pet chameleon and bestfriend. I find their friendship to be very pure as Rapenzel has only had him to speak too (not including Gothel) while being locked up in the tower. I particulary love when he changes color due to his emotions and the how over protective he is of Rapenzel. If you haven’t watched Tangled yet, please do.

Screen Shot 2559-05-18 at 9.12.48 PM


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