Co16 Graduation

Last Saturday, on the 28th of May, 2016, the 32 students of the Class of 2016 became KIS’s 7th graduating class. It was the pinnacle of high school and a celebration of the completion of the IB Diploma. It was a moment full of grandeur and ceremony, as well as heartfelt emotion from the speeches of Vallie, Pitcher, Mr Mike, and Mr Carl, as we all raised our glasses to each other and to the completion of a 15-year long toil at school.

The students who graduated this Saturday have been part of the Class of 2016 for different amounts of time. Some only joined the class for the Diploma Program 2 years ago, while others have been a part of the class since Pre-K.

As a part of this class, I must admit that at some point of time, all of us have looked to the moment of graduation as our salvation. Many of us have said that we can’t wait for school to be over, but the truth is that now that school is over, we can’t help but miss it. Going to school everyday is the only life most of us have ever known, and even though we think we only enjoy the vacations and the time with friends, we enjoy the time we spend in class as well.

Of course, we all know that the education we are receiving is a privilege available only to a few, and that we are lucky to be going to a school such at KIS. Even beyond that, however, is the joy in a task well done and in learning itself. There is the oft-forgotten thrill of learning, and the slow burning joy of gradual enrichment. After all, wasting time isn’t nearly as fun unless you’re procrastinating and putting off something important.

We might wish for an eternal holiday despite knowing that summer can’t last forever, but it really shouldn’t either. There is a sense of rightfully earned fulfilment at the end of every year, and only now as I look forward to my coming adventures with the rest of my classmates, I realise the personal value of school. The routine of school not only allows for the formation of strong friendships, but also of an identity that persists past the microcosm of the school community.

This Saturday, there were many jokes about how our class always delays work and rejects rules. We celebrated our skill for collective procrastination, but only in the light of all we have accomplished. We celebrated our ability to make trouble, but that is only because we have also completed a great many things, and completed them together. It is easy to ignore all the work we’ve done at school and simply look to university as the next big step, but the truth is that our time at school should be recognised in the role it plays towards establishing our personas and setting the foundation for who we will become.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 and good luck to all the students in following years!


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