End of Year House Points Extravaganza


Welcome to the FIRST-EVER End of Year House Points Extravaganza!

A short glance at the KIS Today Houses page reveals that less than one hundred and fifty points separate the first place and the second place house with all houses having already accumulated above a thousand points. To decide the champion of the houses, Student Council will be running the End of Year House Points Extravaganza on Period 7 Thursday June 2nd and Friday June 3rd.

In order to give every house an equal opportunity to succeed, we have different competitions that require different skill sets.

1. Capture the Flag

Everyone’s favourite sport! Every house will play a round robin. Two fields will be used- one for Grades 6-8 and one for Grades 9-12. Strategic playing is key to success!

[CANCELLED] 2. Flashmob competition

Every house will come up with a short dance that will showcase their house spirit. This flashmob will be performed during the Spirit Festival in the basketball court during break or lunch.

3. Team Challenges

It may be late in the year, but it’s never too late to build spirit and teamwork! Games requiring cooperation and careful thinking will be played, all of them worth worth house points!

4. Art Gallery

Many people were disappointed that an art competition was never hosted by SC this year. To remedy this, you’ll be given an opportunity to collaborate with other house members to create a piece of art showcasing your house spirit.

Please make sure you sign up for an activity before Thursday:

(please note that these sheets are only editable using Google Education accounts)





Have fun & good luck to all the houses. May the best house win!


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