#RELATABLE: 17 situations we went through during the final exams

KIS Today are excited to finally be back from the small hiatus due to the MYP Final Exams since last Thursday!

Grade 8-10 just finished their exams and I’m not gonna lie, it was a little stressful being consumed by the silence in the middle of a room filled with the scribbling sounds of pens and pencils, but I must say that we got through it pretty smoothly.

In this week’s #RELATABLE I talk about the weird, but common situations I faced while taking my exams – this might be a bit confusing for the grade 6-7s but I’m sure the grade 8-12s will relate.


Screen Shot 2559-05-30 at 1.33.03 PM.png

2. When you finally figure out the math question you were solving for the last ten minutes




Screen Shot 2559-05-31 at 7.18.19 PM.png

4. When you’re the only one with a different answer


5. When your friends start talking about the question you didn’t get


6. When you don’t know the answers and you’re only on the first page



“that was so hard are you kidding”

“what noo – that was so easyy”



Screen Shot 2559-05-31 at 7.46.37 PM.png

9. When everyone’s using the ti-84, but you just can’t seem to figure out why

Screen Shot 2559-05-31 at 7.47.19 PM.png


*hand cramps a little*

*thumb screams internally*

*writes aggressively*

*puts full stop*


Screen Shot 2559-05-31 at 7.49.10 PM.png

11. When you’ve been doing great for the past 20 minutes and your brain decides to sing a song

Screen Shot 2559-05-31 at 7.53.13 PM.png


“I did such a horrible job – I think I failed it!1!”

*gets a 7*

Screen Shot 2559-05-31 at 7.54.56 PM.png

13. When you have 20 minutes left and you still have a 3 paragraph analysis to do

Screen Shot 2559-05-31 at 7.56.05 PM.png

14. When the clock starts counting down from 10 seconds


15. When you and your friends get the same answers


16. When you know you aced the exam


…but you get your grades back and you didn’t

Screen Shot 2559-05-31 at 8.03.14 PM.png



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