Sports Events You Should Watch During this Summer-break

Most of you guys will probably go and enjoy a nice holiday at different places, but that doesn’t mean that those who don’t will just stay bored during the summer break! Here are some major sports events happening during the summer break that you guys can enjoy!

1. NBA Finals 2016 (Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers)

2015/16 NBA Finals schedule.
NBA Finals Fixtures (Source: Fox Sports): Times are in Australian Standard Eastern Time (BKK is 3 hours earlier than Australia)

Golden State Warriors are looking to put an icing on the cake by winning the play-off finals for this season after breaking the NBA record most games won in a season with 73 wins before the play-offs started. Standing in their way are the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are seeking for their revenge on their last year’s NBA Final defeat against the Warriors. So far the Warriors won Game 1 with outstanding performances by their substitutes. Will it be Golden State that will keep their crown and end their season in fashion? Or will it be the Cavs that will spoil the party?

2. Copa America Centenario 2016, USA (3rd-26th June 2016)

Copa América Centenario (2016).png

Copa America (another wise known as the South American Football Championship) celebrates its 100th anniversary, and the tournament promises to become really special as it is hosted first time ever outside South America! South America boasts with tons of talented, skillful players such as Lionel Messi, James Rodriguez, Alexis Sanchez and many more and many of these players shined at Copa America throughout the years. With even more challenging teams from North America such as the United States and Jamaica entering the tournament, the special edition of Copa America will guarantee you with maximum entertainment!

3. European Championships 2016, France (June 10th – July 10th 2016)

If the Americas have Copa America, then Europe has Euros! This year there will be 24 teams entering the tournament, 8 more than the last Euros. Football fans are already excited following some shocking qualification results. European giants like Netherlands and Denmark failed to qualify, while there are many surprise packages such as Northern Ireland, Iceland, and Wales hoping to cause more upsets in the final tournament! Prepare to witness the drama under the night stars in France!

4. FIVB Women’s Volleyball World Grand Prix Finals 2016, Indoor Stadium Huamark, Thailand (July 6th-10th 2016)

After a disappointing and controversial tournament in Japan that resulted Thai ladies narrowly missing out on the Olympics, they are determined to show the world what they are really capable in front of the home crowd as hosts. With other countries battling out for the final tournament right now, can Thailand delight the home crowd in the final tournament?

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5. Rio Olympics 2016 (August 5th-21st 2016)

What better way to get your sporty mood charged up than watching all the sports you want (well nearly all of them) on Olympics before school begins! Meet some of the World’s greatest sports stars like Usain Bolt, Sun Yang, Mohamed Farah, Neymar all at one event at Rio! With the new introduction of Golf and Rugby Sevens to the event, Rio will get you into celebration mood!… And you guys will also fall short of sleep because the live broadcast is at night and dawn… But who cares XD


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  1. FPL says:

    For me it’s going to be Euro 2016 > Tour De France > Rio Olympics. Can’t wait!


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