Teacher Talentless Show 2016 Review

Not everyday do the teachers of KIS become risk-takers and come out to display their wonderful ‘talents’, it happened once last year, and now its back again. The Teacher Talentless show is back for another year and now bringing more performances, laughs and enjoyable experiences for the students of our school. Like last year, the teachers and principles of KIS come out and present various types of performances, including singing, dancing, and even magic surprisingly, who could’ve known they were so talented!

Personally, I thought that the performances were a little less entertaining compared to last year’s, that might just be because they were just not up to par. Last year, Mr. Daryl, Mr. Pat and Mr. Chris came out with feather boas and high heels dancing to Beyonce’s ‘All the single ladies’, you’re lying if you’re saying that you never laughed during that performance, nothing could even compare to how fabulous it was. For this year, it’s obvious that the acts of the show were quickly put together by the teachers because of the exams and all, but they weren’t necessarily bad or anything, the problem is that the crowd wasn’t as supporting, and there were countless technical difficulties here and there, but thanks to Mr. Park’s finger magic trick, things got a little less awkward. I went around to ask some people about what they thought about the performances, many from my class said that it was great but not up there with the previous year’s.

In conclusion, everyone was entertained, there sure was a lot of laughs and ridiculous stuff on stage and even the teachers had fun performing, though not everyone was satisfied, at least it was a good way to send off some of the teachers leaving, and overall, a good show to end the school year.

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