KIS Today End of the Year Review

From a normal journalism club to KIS Today Team, it has been a busy year for all the editors throughout the first year of KIS Today. The aim of this website was to so that students can be more interacted with the school news or other fun stuffs happening around the school.

During the first term KIS Today started off with couple of normal school events posts, Wolf Confessions (Shoutout to Ashe and Por), and school menus that becomes so helpful of when people should dash down for fish n’ chips. As time passes though, we took the website to the whole new level. We’ve had numerous article submissions from different students in different grades, and we also had new genres added to the website such as #Relatable, Sports Articles, Movie Reviews, Academic Advice, Music Reviews, TV Show Reviews, House Challenges and many other more to add some extra excitement around the school!

It’s been a great year for all the editors in the team, and huge thanks to everyone who have contributed to the website! We hope you enjoyed the articles over the year, and we’ll promise that KIS Today will go one step further in the next school year! Have a great summer everyone!


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